Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ruby Sanctum Just Around the Corner

And freshly minted level 80 toons will not be getting in because it will only be for 10 and 25 player groups. The instance is supposed to be near the difficulty level of ICC (or maybe Ulduar, but that would not make sense...).

I am not jealous, just a little disappointed. Without spending weeks and months on obtaining badge gear, no one will want me in their pug group and no guild will want to gear me up just so I can have some fun.

Seriously, it is proving to be very unfun to be this far behind in the game.

And it is not even a matter of skill or time. Well, time does play a factor, but not in the way you might think. Is it not appropriate (to me) for those who came first to get all gaming experience just because they leveled to the cap in the first month of the expansion's release then cried that the game was too easy.

Well, it is not so easy when all of these morons got as much as they could as soon as they could get it, then cried that it was all too easy then told everyone who came after to suck it. They were all carried. They were all at the mercy of others who wanted finish the game quickly.

Now, I do not blame players who want to finish a World of Warcraft $40 expansion within one $15 month. If players want to take advantage of cheap content like that, fine, let them do so and get them out of the game quickly. But as we can see, most players held on to the very end, or at least kept coming back to play the newest "free" raid content for a month.

But look at the state of the end game for late-comers:

No one raids the lower-end instances without end-game gear.
Normal instances are largely ignored because loot badges only drop from heroics.
No one plays heroics without end game gear.
End-game crafting items drop from end-game bosses (so once we hit a profession cap, we are done unless we know how to play markets in auction house).

At least we have some gathering professions and the Argent Tournament, maybe we can get something from that.

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