Monday, June 14, 2010

Ideas From Past Experiences

I like a good dungeon as much as anyone, and even though I tend to play solo, I do plenty of group content when it I am in the mood. For instance, I have now picked up over thirty badges of triumph, 150 Stone Keeper Shards, and an astonishing 17k honor points. I now have achievements for about half of the normal 5-mans and even a few heroic versions.

I have yet to track down enough people for a 5-man quest though. I do not like asking people for help, I really enjoy the "anonymous" dungeon finder where I do not have to ask, I just sign up and wait my turn.

Anyway, the gear is killing me. Sure, the epics are just sort of falling into my hands (in addition to the gear I listed in previous posts, I now have the epic boots from the Ebon Blade exalted rewards. But, still, there is a problem. With all of this gear, what do I do with it? Well, obviously, as I get better gear, I dump the old.

How about a reason to keep some of this gear?

Take for instance resist gear. You get three pieces of armor and maybe some enchants and jewelery or something, keep it for a particular boss, take it off when the boss is down, wait a week before using it again.

Well, at least you have a reason to keep it. If your guild is at that point.

How about some individual zones, or entire dungeons, where the lack of resist gear means a slow, but sure death? Now THAT would give people some reason to farm/grind some materials. But more importantly, players would feel a little more interaction with the game environment:

-Don't go in that zone without such and such gear or you will die!

-Maybe you have to brave that zone for short periods of time to farm the materials before you can do the quests there.

-Doing the quests with the gear unlocks that zone's "elemental" dungeon (sure, it creates an attunement of sorts, but one that any solo player can do)

-Add daily objectives that might convince players to hang on to the gear most, perhaps the entirety, of the expansion

I think I would like this mechanic. Something that does not need to be done until after reaching a level cap, but players could choose to enter the zones for short periods at an early stage to get their hands on some materials. Some people would complain about bank/bag space, but really, if we are running out of room with all of this space right now, then we need to let some stuff go.

My idea of instanced player housing would do well here though, if players wanted to store all that gear somewhere, or show it off. I tried to find a link, but it seems I did not actually write a post about my housing idea. Maybe I left it as a comment in someone else's, I suppose I will have to make a post on that for myself.

Anyway, I think it would be fun.

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