Thursday, July 1, 2010

Is The Game Too Fast?

This is another one that was initially a comment I left at Pink Pigtail Inn. Not sure if it actually posted though, I got 404 error. So, at least I know for sure it is here.

I don't mind the perks, I suppose, but I have to wonder: with all the issues about players consuming content too fast, why on earth would you allow them to do it faster still?

A nice corpse run makes the content last a little longer before burnout.

It boggles me that Blizzard's greatest issue is the speed of content consumption, yet the content continues to go by faster and faster.

They continue to add flight paths, increase mount speeds, navigate the maps more easily, lift death penalties, add portals...

Holy cow!

It does not matter how much content they add every two years, so long as the game goes by more quickly, the world will feel smaller and less substantial.

Allowing some of these things to affect veteran players who have played through on one or two characters seems fair: faster leveling and heirlooms are a nice touch for them, but maybe they are going too far with this stuff.