Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cataclysm Already Dropping the Ball

No more Path of the Titans.
No more Guild "talent points".

Path of the Titans was never really explained well, I don't think Blizzard even knew for certain what it was or where it would lead. It was just a vague idea of some alternative leveling mechanic with potential for some fun solo play...I guess.

And I could not care less about Guild talent points. Maybe once I experience some of the other guild stuff that is still planned to be released, then I will mourn for its passing.

The point here is that once again, Blizzard is unable to perform. It was first generally noted by the player base with the Dance Studio failure, but really, the problem showed its ugly head from the beginning in the form of unfinished zones, blank map areas, battlegrounds and instances with entrances but no function.

Then, after complaining to us that the thousand or less quests designed for Lich King was too time consuming to allow for other, more interesting features, now we are to see the inclusion of over 3000 new quests. Holy crap!

So, we have only five new levels to grind out, but we have over 3000 new quests to do it with. Granted some of those quests are for the two new stating zones, but that still leaves well over 2000 quests. And Blizzard reps are saying that they want to design the expansion in such a way that no one will cap out those five levels before seeing all of the new leveling zones.

I guess Blizzard did not like that many people in Lich King capped out at level 80 by the time they reached Storm Peaks or even before that. So, they are going to force us into something.

We do not like being forced into anything.

It was nice not to not see all of the zones in Northrend while leveling. It leaves something left to discover once you've "made it".

And discovering "new" content is what solo play is all about.

Stop dropping the ball, Blizzard!

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