Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nothing Ventured...

I did my first 5-man in over a year today.

Had some issues, but scored on the damaged meters and finished the run. Got four badges and some greed gear out of it. Also three achievements. I did not even sign up for a heroic, my random was for the first dungeon in ICC. There are three 5-man dungeons for ICC apparently and they all give out epics that on close or equal to Tier 9 gear. The instance was Forge of Souls.

So, maybe my end-game is not so bleak after all. If I farm Forge of Souls, and the next wing which is now open to me since I finished Forge of Souls, and gather up some badges, I might be full of epics within six or eight weeks.

I am almost loaded up on the Saronite that I need to finish off my Blacksmithing skills. I farmed out over 300 ores today, will need at least another hundred to hit 445. Not sure how many I will need for the last five points. Depends on if I push through the green numbers or if I have access to some moderately easy epic crafts. And those depend on the high-end material costs.

So, in the past week:

I crafted a set of blue dps gear.
Earned my first epic sword in the Lich King expansion.
Jumped on the trail of the Black Knight.
Completed my first TWO 5-mans in over a year (I only mentioned the first one above, but I did two today.)
Reached exalted with Stormwind.
Began the next leg of the Argent Tournament (looking to reach exalted with the Silver Covenant).
Kind of gave up on the auction house for the time being, but it was a nice learning experience.
Almost topped off Blacksmithing.
Topped off Mining.

Things are looking good!

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