Monday, June 14, 2010

My Housing Idea

Players want housing.

Blizzard is certain that there is no good way to do it, but more importantly they do not want to "waste" time on something "trivial" when they could be designing new raids and zones.

I say, instanced housing is a must, and very much doable. Add a little button on character portraits, the one that you see when you "inspect" another player. That button is lit up or non-existent depending on whether or not the player has housing. If an "inspector" clicks on the button, he is transported to the instance of the other player's housing, which might include a farm or some other form of business. Depending the player's level of housing, there will me more details and maybe some special rewards. But most importantly to the "inspector", is a showcase withing the house that shows off awards and gear. Perhaps a journal that players can update themselves and "inspectors" can read.

Imagine a "game room" where kill trophies are exhibited. Did you just kill a dragon in the badlands? Maybe it's skull (.01% drop rate) dropped for you and now you have it hanging above your fireplace.

The potential is endless.

Give it to us!

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