Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More About Why I Play

As mentioned previously, I play World of Warcraft largely because I like playing dress-up with my avatar.

On the other hand, once I have a set of gear that I like, why do I keep playing then?

There really is not much left for me to do in the game at all. I have explored every inch of the map...according to my Explorer achievement, although I still see yellow text pop up telling me that I have discovered a new place from time to time.

I am not raiding. I am not grouping for 5-mans. I do not do group quests. I am not doing well at the auction house.

All remaining points of gear acquisition appear to be out of my reach, so as far as playing dress-up, it is game over for me.

Nothing left to explore, no more gear to be had.

Why keep playing?

Back In The Day, if you had gear from raiding, people knew where you got it from. These days, epic gear is like sand on the beach, albeit a beach that is difficult for some people to get to. So gear certainly does not make anyone more significant than anyone else, so really there is not even any motivation to get better and more flashy gear to play dress-up with.

It might be nice to see the instances though. I am even considering trying the new LFG tool to see if I can do some normal 5-mans. I do not think that will help in gear progression though. To get epics from 5-mans, you have to do heroic versions. To do heroic versions these days you have to have epics...people do not want to be patient with new level 80s.

Quests? Well, there are not that many engaging quests left that I have not already done once or more. Most quests are fed-ex or kill foozles or gather stuff. Also, most quests that worth their salt end in group encounters anyway, so I would not be doing them.

So, why am I playing?

I guess I will have to dwell on this some more...

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