Monday, June 7, 2010

Making Money (Part Two)

I am no longer trying to play the market, so this is just an attempt to keep track of where the money is going and what I am getting.

After spending almost every last silver and copper on crafting gear and getting my blacksmithing up to the cap, and after several days of dailies and normal dungeon running, my main has over 1k and my money maker has over 500. I have been sending crafted items and BOE drops over to the money maker to sell on the auction house and she still scans it when I remember to do it.

So, the money is a bit slow, but at least it is coming. I also found some old herbs in my bank alt's guild bank and sent them to my inscriptionist who promptly made a couple stacks of Dusky Pigment...good stuff for the auction house at about 50g a stack...I do intend to level up someone else, at least for a few weeks, until I grow sick of it. But not sure if it will be my hunter or Death Knight. Either stand to make some money in Outland but the Death Knight is already able to go there while the Hunter still has about ten more levels to go...I do not think I need epic flying on either, but I might try to get it anyway...

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