Friday, June 18, 2010

Gearing Up Again (Part Two)

My main is now in the possession of four pieces of epic armor ranging from 200-245, and two epic two-handed swords (courtesy of the Argent Tournament). I also have two epic tank pieces I am hoarding in case I choose to go dual-spec.

44. Badges of Triumph
8.. Badges of Frost

It seems I will not be trading in badges for gear any time soon. However, I have been knocking out heroic and normal achievements left and right. I guess it kind of pays to wait until the last minute to do dungeons, if you are not raiding.

I am working on my fifth faction in the Argent Tournament. I might as well go ahead and try for the achievement. That means I should get some cloth for the reputation turn-ins to make things easier.

My DPS chest is Titansteel Razorplate, or something like that. It was one of my wish-list craftable pieces. I had just under 3k gold on my characters and saw the plate in the auction house for only 2700g. Since the Primordial Saronite is still going for 750-1k, it was a real bargain.

The boots came from Ebon Blade exalted reputation. The legs came from a Heroic drop.

I am seeing my crits reach over 3.5k...astounding! And my health is over 21k unbuffed.

As far as I am concerned, my character is now ready to ravish the Cataclysm leveling quests with relative ease. At this point I am playing for the pure enjoyment of it. I would like to level some more professions on my hunter, priest, and death knight, but I may switch one or two professions around with other characters so that I do not have to level up so many toons. But, maybe I will just do that anyway.

So, life is good in Northrends after all! And I still have 3-4 zones I have not quested in...

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