Friday, June 18, 2010

Making Money (Part Three)

I had reached just below 3k. Just under 1k on my money maker, and just over 2k on my main. The money came from dailies, selling trash, and auctioning BOEs (and other assorted items).

It took a couple of weeks, but the money did come in.

Now I'm broke again. I purchased a craftable plate dps chest piece that was on my wish-list at a bargain price of 2700g. The Primordial Saronites are still going for 750-1k, so it really was a good deal, but it left me broke.

However, after just 4-6 hours (across two days of playing) I did two heroics, fourteen dailies, sold some more auction items and trash, and now have over 400g already.

I also have been gathering saronite this whole time, although I no longer need a large stock of it. I have well over 1k ores in my bank and do not know what to do with it. Currently a stack of ore is going for only 15g, so that is only a few hundred gold if I sold them all at auction. I might be able to find someone to break the ore for me (for a reasonable tip, of course, this would take some time) and then I could sell the gems.

I will have to study the gem market better though to see if that would be profitable. I might even need someone to craft some specific gems for me to optimize the profit, so I would need a list handy.

I also keep telling myself that if I would level up one or two of my toons, I would have a few thousand gold just from the quest rewards. I do believe that to be true, but it is difficult to play someone other than my main for long periods of time. There are things I would still her to achieve, although it is all fluff at this point, but I still want it. For instance, I want one or two of the Argent Tournament mounts. I want to get exalted with the rest of my governing factions. I would love to get some more epics.

Anyway, that's where I am at. Broke, but killing mobs faster is good for business!

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