Saturday, June 5, 2010

Epics, Like Rain From the Sky...

They are not kidding.

Epics really do just rain from the sky in World of Warcraft these days.

I am now in possession of an epic helm (crafted), an epic sword, I can wait for a day or two and craft epic legs, or wait for my Knights of the Ebon Blade reputation for better ones. In just a few days I might be able to get another epic sword as well since I've begun "jousting" for another race in the Argent Tournament (the reward from my first race was ten Champion Seals, so i am assuming I will get ten more from Darnassus when I finish that in four more days) and I am still doing my other champion seal quests, so I will have 25 in short order. Also, I am doing daily normal dungeons (and might try some heroic ones, because everyone seems to be outgearing the normal modes) and already picked up six badges.


This post has sat unfinished for a couple of days, below is a quick rundown of the ongoing epic rain.

I have two pieces of epic tanking gear on standby, just incase I decide to do some prot work. I am sitting at 13 Champion Seals and 20 Valliant whatevers for my work with Darnassus. So, after World of Warcraft's 24 downtime tomorrow, I should receive 10 Champion Seals for finishing up Darnassus and then I will have my second epic blade, which may not be as good as my Ebon Blade honorable reputation reward (lots of crit)...will have to look into that.

Did my first heroic but did not notice any epics drop, certainly did not win any. I saw an epic dps chest piece drop in the Crusader's normal coliseum and I thought I won it, but nothing went into my bag, and the loot stayed in the box in the middle of the room right up until we all I don't know, maybe there was a glitch. I could probably cry out to a game mod but it's really not important enough for the effort.

The end result is the same, the epics are falling all around me all of a sudden. A part of me is glad that the mobs die more quickly, but another part of me is disappointed that epics mean so little these days...

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