Monday, June 7, 2010

Lich King Rep Grind

Ebon Blade rep is going very quickly and then I will be watching the Silver Covenant closely, although I will likely move on to other dailies and hit exalted with other factions first that are further along in rep at this time. Such as Ku'luak and Valiant Expedition which I was sort of working on before my hiatus from the game.

There are other factions that I have not officially encountered yet except by reading about the expansion, such as Sons of Hodir. Some faction is supposed to offer a head enchant and I think another offers a shoulder enchant...

Being able to earn rep by wearing the faction's tabards in instances is nice. The numbers per kill seem small, but when you add them up throughout complete runs, those numbers increase quickly. Having some daily rep grinds is nice too, if somewhat off-putting.

I think I want the epic boots from the Ebon Blade rep, they are better than what I can craft, but with my dungeon runs, it is possible something better still could drop for me. Not sure if I would continue the rep grind to exalted or not...

The Silver Covenant has a fantastic-looking mount that I would like, I think, unless I am getting it mixed up with the mount from the Argent Tournament...maybe they are the same....hmmm...

Anyway, I need to find out who offers the shoulder and helm enchants so I can start working on that rep.

I might end up with a lot of exalteds before Cataclysm drops.

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