Thursday, May 20, 2010

Respec Blues

There was a time when it cost some change to re-specialize a character. In the level 60 end game, this was a huge detriment to raiding for some people, forcing them to grind out all that gold every few days, or even daily for some. In vanilla WoW, gold was hard to come by.

I did not have to worry about that since I was still leveling when Burning Crusade came around. Though I did respec a few times after that expansion dropped, the gold issue was not so intense as it was far easier to come by. By the level 70 end game, I was getting over 100g a day from dailies...when I could be bothered to do them.

Then Lich King came around. Something happened. See, when Burning Crusade came, Blizzard had changed the talents so much that they gifted the players with a "free" respec by simply removing all of our points and letting us redistribute them upon logging in. What a great deal!

Until you realized that you had to do this free redistribution for every one of your characters.

Thankfully, I only remember having to do this once in Burning Crusade.

In the Lich King expansion made this free gift a huge labor for some of us. I was not pleased in the least. Having to respec all of my characters once was enough for me, let alone another 3-4 times.

We will probably have to do this again at least once in Cataclysm. But considering Blizzards recent track record, they will have to fix everything after the first respec, then another one for at least some of the classes to fine-tune balance issues.

I suppose so long as I am actively playing, this will not be so much of an issue. But in Lich King, I kept returning from breaks from the game only to have to,once again, redistribute my talent points, which means that Blizzard changed what some of them do, which means that I had to put my evening's intentions on hold so that I could figure out what had changed and what had stayed the same. *sigh*

After an hour or two (because I am slow in this game) did I still want to play that evening? Not really. Then, in a few days I back on another break. Then back in the game, only to redistribute points again...and so on.

Well, hopefully we will not have to go through this so much in Cataclysm.

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