Friday, May 28, 2010

Making Money Day Eleven

Not a bad day. Had some ore money come in, then I bought some more (someone undercut me but it was low enough for me to buy it up and raise the price). I would up with about 20g.

This evening some more money came in and I am sitting at over 100g. If the rest of the ore sells I'll be around 900g...not bad, but not likely. I think I will have to relist a lot of ore tomorrow night, but we'll see.

I might go ahead and farm some low-level herbs and sell some pigments with my Death Knight. The pigments were selling for a nice rounded 50g per stack. I don't think doing some grind with the AH at this point will be a bad thing, it is just going too slowly. I would love to get into some of the other end-game items, especially Primordial Saronite, since I need so much of it anyway, but I am determined to wait until my money maker actually has that kind of gold for investing rather than putting my main's gold at risk.

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