Monday, May 24, 2010

Making Money Day Seven

Trying something different. It has risk. I even messed it up already but continued anyway.

Not too long ago Ice Arrows were selling in stacks of a thousand for a decent price. Some goblins informed Gevlon that these arrows could sell for several gold in stacks of ten.

Well, the price has fallen considerably, but the stacks can still be sundered into tens for a profit.

So I took the risk and bought several 1k stacks at about 1.5g each and made stacks of ten at 75s each. Not a lot of gold, but still a huge profit margin if they sell.

My first mistake was to forget how the auction house was organized and I placed a handful of tens at 7g...pretty stupid. I left them there though because you just never know how crazy people can be.

While a part of me is giggling like a school girl at remembering the arrows from Gevlon's blog, a part of me just doesn't believe these are going to sell. Something just does not feel right.

But, we will see.

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