Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not so Fast!

Cataclysm is in Alpha mode! Must be coming out soooooon!!!

No, not really.

Well, soon for me, but not so much for others. I'll be very fortunate to be at level 80 and have decent gear by the time the expansion drops, but other players have been at level 80 for well over a year. The upcoming Ruby Sanctum raid will be of little use to them, just more gear and maybe some fluff toys.

I would love to get my Blacksmithing up to the level 70 cap, but I think I still need several hundred ore to do so, plus whatever "extras" I would have to buy from the AH. Thousands of gold worth, I'm sure. And I will be in need of new weapons. For me, that means weeks of Battle Grounds...maybe, I'm a little fuzzy on how to get nice weapons outside of raiding and arenas. In Burning Crusade I did Battle Grounds for cheap/outdated arena weapons that had been tossed into the honor point pool. It was good stuff for farming.

I like to kill mobs, I can do it for hours on end, and the more I can kill the happier I am. So, epic dps weapons are awesome, no matter what the bonus stats are, if they let me kill mobs faster. I wish there were achievements for killing random stuff, thousands of mobs of any kind.

Too bad Blizzard precisely does not want to put that in the game, "because if we add an achievement to kill 10,000 murlocs, someone will do it." Well duh! What are achievements for if not to achieve them?

Anyway, I have a lot to do if I'm going to get my character ready for the Cataclysm level grind. And the way I've been playing these past eighteen months, I may not make it in time.

Yeah, the expansion may not be released until November or later, and I may not be ready by then...whew!

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