Thursday, May 20, 2010

Making Money Day Three

This post may have a couple of updates later on since the day is kind of just getting started.

My current auctions should be at about 12-18 hours in. Found some more rough stone sales in my mail box but it was only for two auctions and I received less than one gold for the two of them. Still, any gold is better than none!

Not sure how long I will be able to make myself grind out herbs around Darkshire. The point of Gevlon's (and others) auction house wealth creation is that you do not have to go farming, with the exception of the very beginning to build up some capitol to invest with. So, that is what I am kind of doing, but I am also getting the hang of the auction house and auctioneer, so really, I am probably doing exactly what I should be doing for myself and my needs.

Need to get back to my main also. She should have received her first Argent Tournament two-hander yesterday but I've been so focused on this money-making endeavor...

I think I need to keep her busy with those dailies so that by the time I have enough money for the rest of her epic gear, she should be almost, or already have, her second two-hander.

Also need to develop some sort of plan for her trinkets and jewelry...

Anyhow, it is all about the benjamins now, if I can not get the money for the gear then I will be leveling in Cataclysm with hobo gear like you have never seen before:

One or two Karazhan epics, level 70 blues and greens, Northrend leveling blues and greens, and at least one level 80 epic two-hander...

I suppose if push came to shove, I would buy level 80 blue and green dps gear and some gems, but still, one of the reasons I play games is for cool-looking characters.

Anyway, the day is young!

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