Monday, May 24, 2010

Hating on WoW

People are hating on World of Warcraft and the blogger defendents are up in arms over it...I guess. Larisa at the Pink Pigtail Inn and Tobold are on the case and the culprit seems to be a particular blogger who is normally positive and fun to read but suddenly went bi-polar and hates everything to do with MMOs and those of us who play them are ignorant and brain washed...or something.

Normally, I absolutely love this game, but sometimes I hate it very much.

For instance, right now I am technically "done" with the Lich King expansion. Even the upcoming Ruby Sanctum will not offer me anything new to do (at least nothing that has bee announced). I can earn alternative currencies for epic gear, or I can figure out how to make gold in the game and buy some crafted gear or pay someone to make it for me. But not to raid in. I want the gear to make leveling in Cataclysm easier.

And to look cool, feel epic.

In this game there is nothing to hold us over. There are no minigames like traditional platform RPGs sometimes have. I would love to see my professions put to the test in a secondary game within the game...yadda, yadda, yadda...

This is how people go from being a satisfied customer to spitting on their once-favorite games.

I was in a lowly state of mind and spirit when the Lich King expansion dropped: one guild had broken up, another guild had merged, my friends moved on to different servers or took long breaks...Lich King dropped and I had no contacts left, no one to level with, no one to group up with. And the character stats kept resetting so I had to learn my character's abilities all over again, but I had no groups that I could learn with.

I took breaks, I ranted a little on my blog, I started over on a new serve with some friends and then something happened in real life so I took another break and when I came back my friends were all level 80 and raiding already.

So I ranted some more.

For about three months, I think I even stopped paying for the game. I had not quit in disgust, I just did not know what to do and was not playing at all.

I came back and promptly took more breaks. For over a year I was more off than on.

And I ranted.

I also rant about my country and its government.

However, just as I do not run for the boarder, I also do not jump into other games (though I do play some others from time to time). I recognize that America is the best and most successful nation currently in the world just as World of Warcraft is the best MMO game currently live.

You do not have to love everything and sometimes you may need to sleep off some bad vibes or go on a long walk, but you always come back to the best.

The haters? They are just mad that they could not find a reason to stay and now if the were to log in they would be behind. And nobody wants to be the noob.

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