Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making Money Day Ten

My Cobalt profits came back today along with some more arrows...I did not realize I had bought so many, I must have been really optimistic.

I bought a bunch more "cheap" ore and bars to flip at an extended cost. If they all sell I will end the 48hrs with over 700g. Remember, this character actually started out with nothing, it is a new character that was supposed to just play the auction house but I got a little disorganized along the way. Her first money came from some old pigments that was on my Death Knight. These past ten days she has not gone past the 300(or so) mark.

So, if these bars sell within the next 48hrs, she will have proven herself rather well. I still need to keep an eye on some other markets though. Undercutting happens swiftly and I will have to be able to move on regularly. It would be nice to have a series of markets I can rotate through as I stir things up and move on while they settle down until I can come back again.

It is a nice thought anyway.

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