Friday, May 21, 2010

Making Money Day Four

When the Lich King expansion dropped, I made a Death Knight like everyone else, I also gave him herbalism and inscription. I monkeyed around with that for a day or two and then basically let the character rot.

After dusting her off during this money making venture, I was surprised to realize that I knew absolutely nothing about inscription. It took me a little while to figure out why some of my herbs could not be milled, then I could not immediately see where Midnight Ink came from...

But I eventually got my head screwed on right and moaned a little that I had already sold some of the ink that I needed to increase inscription further. So that means I have to get some more herbs. Which means I have to farm a lot more because I am not about to pay the prices that I saw in the auction house.

...unless I can find some beneath market price and market price happens to be lower than the ink...which is probably what Gevlon would look for.

But then Gevlon would also have several thousand gold to invest in entire bags worth of the stuff...I do not.

Anyway, after selling some more inks, I transferred about 170 more gold to my money maker alt. Have not played today yet, just checked out my mail boxes. I need to get things organized better and I am almost there. Then I need to develop an actual plan. My money maker character is turning out to just be a bank alt who scans the auction house and collects gold from other character's auctions to keep track of what I am making.

An unfortunate side effect of all this is that my main, which started out with almost 2k gold, now only has a little over 1k. I bought an herb bag and an inscription bag, four netherweave bags, a few bank slots...a couple of auction house greens for my low-level money maker to kill stuff faster with...activity like that adds up quickly. So, I have actually spent more than I have made. I might be able to argue that it was invested, but I am not feeling that way. I think it might have been wasted. But the bag space was certainly needed. Creating an industry demands space.

Is there a better way to level up inscription? Not really. I do not have the capital to do it quickly from the auction house and farming the skill points in the field takes time. Not much I can do about though. Creating an industry requires high, if not capped, professions. I have none on any of my characters. Except for mining, but I am not sure what I want to do with my ore yet. Keep farming it so I can cap out Blacksmithing, or sell it to support an inscription industry? I really do not know what I would with Blacksmithing...

Anyhow, making money is good. Hopefully the investing stage is mostly over so I can start making more than I spend.

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