Saturday, May 22, 2010

Making Money Day Five

No money made today.

I received two auctions back on my Death Knight and am about to receive a butt load back on my money maker.

I am not really surprised. Although I severely undercut the low-end glyphs, I really did not expect them to sell. I just do not see why anyone would want them. Other bloggers have pointed out that the raiding population is currently not progressing right now. Casual guilds are stuck where they are with the occasional new boss kill while the hardcores have already done everything to death. Besides, no raiders have a need for what I selling in the first place, really.

I have a ways to go before I can craft anything significantly useful. And then I'll have to play the market somehow anyway because the stuff that will sell is only dropping in high-end raids.

There is probably something on the lower end that I can manipulate but I have to learn the market better first before I will be able to spot those items.

In spite of no money earned, my Death Knight did increase Herbalism and Inscription significantly. Although I am not looking forward to entering Outland to continue the skill-ups. I will actually have to fight the mobs there and begin leveling again. That will slow things down significantly.

Playing the market is a daunting task. But as Gevlon has pointed out several times, it is the only way to make honest gold quickly.

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