Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Making Money Day Nine

I checked in on my money maker a couple times today which lead me to believe that there would be no profit made. The second time I looked in on things I found all of my arrows returned back, and that was a lot of little stacks let me tell you. It took me a long time to individually click on every icon. Every few minutes the box would refresh and refill and I re-read the "Your mail box is full" message many, many times.

I took a peak at the state of arrows on the auction house and saw a potential chance at still getting something out of the ordeal so I put up a hundred stacks of ten at the piddly price of 5s per stack. I can not be sure that this is not below vendor price, I will have to do the math on that one.

A few hours later I checked in on things again and all the arrows had sold. I made a little over two gold off of a thousand, which is almost double what a stack of one thousand cost me. So I put up another series to see how long I can keep it up.

I really need to work the math on this because I am not sure right now what all is going on.

Anyway, I checked out my cobalt bars which should be ending this evening and they are all sold with delivery times between fifteen minutes and one hour. I decided to buy some more ore but the pricing is really bad. several single ores for 5g each, which is what I was selling the bars for, and a few stacks of 10 for over 40g each...I don't think so.

Still, with the money on the way, I will have made over 120g today. When I bought the arrows and the ore with this toon, she had just over 300g. She ends the day with more than what she started the week with. So, I get my money back plus a profit. Small and piddly as it is, that is what it is all about.

Now I am more confident that I can do this and the money I am after. I just have to pay attention to some of the other markets.

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