Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making Money Day Eight

Made 60-70g today from my ore endeavor.

The arrows are not selling and will not. Someone has cornered that market and is more than happy to undercut severely. He is now breaking his stacks 1000 for 1g into lots of 100 for 10s. Technically he is not even undercutting because the price per arrow is staying the same for him. It appears he simply knows how the auction house lists items and is making sure his stays on the first page. It is a fair fight so far but I am not sure I want to keep at the arrows. I really do not see a way to force myself into that market.

The ores are ok, though slow, and I was already undercut there as well. I thought about buying the cheaper lots and seeing if I could force an increase in the market. I have done that before in Burning Crusade with some spider silk from Outlands. I did ok but did not really know what I was doing, I think I broke even or came out ahead a little, but I can not be sure about it.

Anyway, I do not know how much of a risk I want to take. At this point I am making less per day than I could with Northrend dailies...or even Outland dailies for that matter. But, if I am to get the gear I am after, then I must continue to play the market.

I am certain that I am currently done leveling herbalism and inscription. I am getting close to having to purchase expensive/rare materials or having to level up in Outland and fight for every herb node. Talk about slow money...

I have been researching gold making blogs and found a couple that might help me. Unfortunately I have possibly chosen the worst time during the lifecycle of a World of Warcraft expansion to make gold, when the players are capped out and going on long breaks. Also, all of the auction house tricks and materials "secrets" are out and old news now.

But, at least I made some money today. All is not yet lost.

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