Monday, July 25, 2011

Passive Procs

World of Warcraft is a at point where it is difficult for the developers to add new abilities without removing or combining old ones. A way around this problem is to add new passive procs rather than action button spells or abilities.

They would work like any other proc or passive ability: a chance for something to happen. The developers could add new and cool character animations that activate with the procs. Since World of Warcraft is already straddling the line between action games and MMOs anyway, why not?

For instance, let's pretend my Fury Warrior just procced a passive ability called "Tornado" or "Hurricane" or something of the sort. Now she pulls out her two swords and goes into a sword-twirling frenzy, maybe spinning around a few times. Another proc perhaps has a chance of occurring during this frenzy and she does a flip or two, bringing down her swords for extra damage or a knockback.

Essentially the passive procs would combine "vanity" animations with extra speed or damage or other abilities. This way we don't have to worry about where to place the new spells from the next expansion, or worry about having to drop others that we thought were cool.

More flavor is always good and fun.

Ways of implementing these abilities could be very interesting as well. Heroic questlines that reward these abilities at the end. We wouldn't want these to be group quests, however. Just fun ways of advancing our characters further. The abilities could be added throughout an expansion rather than, or at least not just via the leveling trip.

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