Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A New Level 60

The past few days I've been leveling my second mage. The first one stopped leveling early on and became a guild bank toon. This one was made after The Shattering changed all the leveling experiences in the starting zones. I liked the new experience and kept going.

Then I sent her to Hellfire Peninsula.

Not so fun.

From 60-61 wasn't so bad, but the second tier of quests here are awful. Even with the ability to fly over most of the mobs, it is a grueling experience. Had to kill 15 of those worms that shake the stones...and they managed to gang up on me a couple of times. Gathering 30 pcs of the broken airship was easy, but it took a while to clear the birds away. Killing 10 orcs shouldn't have been too difficult, but then you find out that you essentially have to kill them twice when on that device run...not fun when you have to eat/drink after every kill (double kill?)...less fun when they start respawning on top of you.

The wolf riders give loot but their mounts don't, even though they are just as hard to kill.

Go to a quest "hub" and get sent in two opposite directions for your quests...turn them in...go back to one of the locations you just visited...go back to Honor Hold...

How did I ever get through this on my main? You remember the first time after it was released right? You couldn't fly yet. You had to find the flight trainer first but he was a looooong ways off in a higher-level zone. And you had to be a higher level and you had to have a bit of gold.

I was watching my experience bar while questing on this mage and it hardly moved at all until turned in the quests. But it can take a good chunk of time to do those quests. I suppose that the over-all experience is faster, but it's no less frustrating than it was the first time...with the exception of a few quests where the flying at level 60 allow you bypass some of the mobs.

Oh, and that mine just outside of Honor Hold...good grief...I cleared it on the way in, had to wait for some respawns because someone else had already been there. Then I had to clear it on the way out. Then I had to clear it on the way back in to kill the "boss"...but I had to wait for him to respawn because someone had just killed him...then I had to clear my way back out...again.

I don't know If I could do this with a third alt. Maybe I'll invest in some heirlooms so I can one-shot this stuff. Then I wouldn't have to stop and refresh so often while questing. At least I can fly away to someplace safe to eat and drink...the first time through you couldn't do that.

I'll keep pushing though. I would like to know what it's like to have two max-level characters.

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