Sunday, June 26, 2011

Still Griping About Crafting in Cataclysm.

When I began playing World of Warcraft, one of the draws for me was the concept of crafting weapons and armor. What I didn't understand for a long time though, was that in World of Warcraft, crafting gear is sort of awful. But I didn't know that for a long time. While leveling in Vanilla WoW I realized that there was just no way to keep up mining and blacksmithing at the same time. So I stopped gathering ore, which meant that I couldn't craft.

The Burning Crusade expansion was released while I was still leveling so I had an unbroken chain of quests from 1-70. Then I had to get keyed for Karazhan. Then, finally, I had to think about crafting and mining again.

Welcome to End Game!

I was kind of shocked, to say the least, when I realized how long it was going to take me to farm all those Primals. I could buy them, but then I needed to farm the gold somehow. At end game the only thing really worth money is raid buffs and crafting materials. So I needed to farm Primals so I could sell them and make gold for...Primals. Anyway, I also needed Nethers, and some enchanted item that cost a fortune.

I did not like this at all. But I did it because I wanted swords for raiding. The crafted swords were the best items you could get until you finished 10-man raids and went on to 25-man raids. It forever and I was mostly geared in Karazhan gear when I finally got my crafted tanking sword. I loved it.

Then my guild fell apart. And so did the next one. And the next.

What was the point? I had spent so much time to get these items only to find myself locked out of raiding. Guilds that had progressed further than mine didn't need another tank.

I didn't craft in Lich King.

Well, I maxed my Blacksmithing, but not for anything useful. I sold all my ore after that and made some nice gold...sort of.

But here I am in Cataclysm, actually trying to do some crafting and I'm just getting frustrated. I made a shield but I'm not using it. I made a set of bloodied gear, but it's designed for PvP and so I'm getting laughed at for wearing it in dungeons. I would like to make some Deathplate, but I need Chaos Orbs...which I have to suffer through groups for. Belt Buckle buffs are nice thought, but most raiding guilds have guildies making them for the guild already and don't need to buy them off the auction house.

I could buy the Deathplate form the auction house myself...but then why do I bother holding on to Blacksmithing if I'm just going to buy the gear?

Sometimes, it's just hard to like the game.

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