Sunday, April 11, 2010

On the Road Again

In one of my recent posts I told how I was so close to cold weather flying and level 80. But it had been so long since I even logged in I had forgotten I was only at level 76...over three and a half levels to go till cap.

Anyway, the last two days I've ground my way to level 77 and my coveted cold weather flying skill. I also earned the World Explorer title. Still have to figure out where to get the tabard, but it sure is nice to have my second title in the game. I've been sporting Sergent for years. However, now that I have a new title, I'm keeping Sergent displayed. Frankly, it is just more rare and was more difficult to achieve. It shows that I at least used to have some measure of skill in PvP and rather than just had nothing better to do than wander around the world filling in maps.

So, now I'm level 77. Three more levels to cap. Not sure I can hang in there. I think I'll brave the new group system and see if I hit the fast track to leveling. Not sure anyone will let me stay in their groups though. I'm still wearing a mix of Karazhan epics, level 70 dps blues and greens, and one Northrend green sword. I don't even have the best-in-slot gems. All that and I no longer know how to play my character properly in tanking mode or dps.

We will see how far determination will get me.

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