Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Level of Loot Acquisition

According to World of Raids (my preferred World of Warcraft news source for no particular reason) raiders who manage to create the Legendary Shadowmourne will unlock a series of rewards that only they can loot. The list includes a teleportation ring and a mount among other things.


To add a twist to these new loot items, the bearer of Shadowmourne can pass on the items if they are unwanted. So a raid leader (I assume) could then decide what to do with them.

Prepare for D R A M A.


Getting Shadowmourne is no small feat and requires the help of 24 other raiders. At the very least you need them to clear the raid instance, even if you are able to legitimately acquire all of the quest items yourself (my knowledge of the Frostmourne quest items is limited since I'll never have the option). There has already been plenty of drama over legendary items in the past, from raid leaders taking them for themselves and then quitting the guild to the "wrong class" somehow getting the items because they are "in good" with the guild leaders. So now, not only do a very limited group of people get the legendary, but the people who helped get it have to hope that the player has some sort of charitable morals and shares the wealth.

But is that fair?

Why shouldn't the bearer of Frostmourne be allowed to have the additional items or at least get first pick?

There are a few details I am not clear on. For instance, how many loot boxes will drop in a raid? One for each bearer of Frostmourne or only once per raid? Obviously the more people who can open the boxes, the better it is for the raid members.

Regardless of the drama to come, is this new level of loot really a good idea at all? Why bother implementing it? Since the looter is able to share the items with the guild, does that mean the items will be able to be auctioned off or is this a kind of test to see if some of the upcoming guild perks will work? Is this a way of pushing people to the Blizzard Store for future products?

Imagine the store offering teleportaion items, tabards, more mounts, other items with special use features (such as the Headless Horseman's Helm or the Summer Festival items) "designer" clothing and stylized armor and weapons (the armor and weapons would actually just be skins, perhaps, that change the look of gear you already wear). The in-game "toys" or fluff add a lot of character to the play experience though they do not actually change the way the game is played.

I can do without any of the items myself, but where is the line going to be drawn? Are we about to divide the player base once again? This time it will be serious players vs. "fun" players. We divide ourselves well enough on our own (Gearscore) and really do not need Blizzard's help.

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