Saturday, March 14, 2009

Still Not Playing

I am having a very difficult time getting back into the game. I do a lot of complaining. Everything I can't do solo is too hard. Everything I can do solo quickly is too easy. I can't be bothered to learn my class well enough to be comfortable with it. After almost three years of playing I still have to ask other players to tell me if an item is an upgrade or not. I can't be bothered to sit in LFG to do instance runs. I'm not confident enough to seek out a raid spot in a guild although I was competent enough when I was a raider in BC. My main is still only level 72 even after a few months of the Lich King release. Even if I could motivate myself enough to level off, the game is already at a point where getting groups for 5-mans (and the entry-level raid gear) is going to be a rough endeavor, and keeping a group together (or not getting kicked from one) is going to be tough while I relearn my class with all of the new changes between BC and Lich King and now the upcoming 3.1 patch.

I long for the more simpler days of Dungeons and Dragons or the likes of Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. The stats were simple and the gear was obvious.

Is World of Warcraft too hard or too easy for me? I really can't answer that. But right now I'm simply not enjoying myself. It seems that just because I wasn't part of the herd that consumed all the new expansion content in record time, now I get to play catch-up while all of my friends are raiding and epicced out. It depresses me.

So, I'm still not playing. Just reading blogs and World of Raids.

Maybe it's time for me to cancel my account.

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Ruhtra said...

Man, that is a tough spot to be in. I guess the suggestion I would say is to think back to why you started playing?

Everyone has different reasons, but a lot of times when I hit those spots, if I go back to doing what I love the most, I typically find the game much more enjoyable.

Good luck bro!