Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mount Colors are Serious Business

Just another "Whoopsi!" from the Blizzard crew.

In short: Blizzard decided to equalize the number of mounts for the horde and alliance because the alliance has more. They thought they had enough unused art models to make it work out but realized too late that the only available art for the undead mount was for a level 30, non-epic skin.

They had a choice: Either pull all of the new mounts and wait until there was art available, or at least provide the new QUANTITY of mounts so horde could stop pointing out that the mount achievements are easier to obtain than for horde.

I'm a little disappointed even though it doesn't effect me, it could have easily been a decision made for the alliance.

Someone in the discussion asks how hard is it to change the color in Photoshop? Of course, they forgot to add in the time it takes to test the change. Someone has to add it to the PTR and take notes then report their findings to someone else. At this point, there just isn't time to add more stuff for testing in the 3.1 patch.

Which begs the question, why wait and pack all this stuff into one gigantic patch anyway? Good grief! This patch is going to be HUGE! Yet, the only new playable content will be the arena and Ulduar. No new maps to explore, no new quest hubs, no old world face-lifts...

Honestly, when people are heckling the designers over the speed of a mount, I think it says something about the over-all state of the game. Something negative, that is.

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