Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bad PUGs

I can handle a bad PUG, but these days people just won't finish a run for any number of reasons.

I didn't begin playing Lich King right away. But within a month of launch, and still at level 70, I joined a PUG for the first time on my prot warrior and after two wipes before the first boss the entire group bailed.

I have yet to enter another PUG since then. I switched over to DPS and may not ever go prot again. With dual specs in the game, PUGs will expect warriors to have DPS and prot skills on hand. But I think I will choose not to utilize dual spec. I understand why Blizzard thinks they want it in the game, but I fully believe that it will quickly become one more thing expected of players in groups. Maybe Blizzard believe it will help alleviate the lack of tanks and healers in PUGs, but I doubt it will happen that way. If you didn't want to tank or heal a PUG before, would that really change just because it's easier switch specs?

PUGs will continue to go badly.

You can't improve with your new skills and specs without practice but people no longer have a tolerance to put up with anything less than instant success.

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