Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gevlon Declares, "I Win!"

Gevlon has changed his tactics for current end game content.

Tobold pointed out some pros and cons of the "achievement".

The following began as a general comment on Tobold's blog but quickly grew into a post for myself.

I think the crux here is that Gevlon played the game his own way. A lot of people have pointed out between blogs that he chose to sit on the auction house while other people strove to experience raid content. Once he got bored with the auction house he showed us that a well-structured pug can clear Naxx (although most of us already knew this) but he did it in a very controlled way. Now he has shown us the fruit of all of his "labors" by warping to some of the best gear in the game. There is no longer an argument that his play style prevents him from experiencing the raid content. Instead, we are now arguing that he is not experiencing the raid content the "right" way.

It has been pointed out time and time again that one person's way of experiencing the game can be different than the next person's. Love him or hate him, Gevlon is now in a position to possibly join the best guilds on his server if he wants to, assuming his recount screenshots are not selective and he really is that skilled. But he does not like deal with guild structures.

Tobold pointed out that Gevlon's method relies on how many people do what he does. The thing is that apparently there are not enough other players interested in auction house gold to stop him. Gevlon has pointed out over and over that anyone could stop him at any time, but nobody did. Even when he announced the next server he wanted to take his challenge to and told everyone exactly what he was buying and selling, nobody bothered to stop him.

I think he has earned the right to say "I win!".


Tesh said...

Absolutely. That he did so in a way that I'd not personally try (because I can't or don't want to) is completely irrelevant.

I'm actually happy to see that this sort of "alternate advancement method" works in WoW.

hound said...

I tried to play the auction house once with debatable results. I ended up with a profit but I just didn't enjoy the process.

Granted, my technique required some upfront grinding near end-game in BC. If I had begun with low-level auction items as Gevlon did, I might have had to "work" less at it.

But yes, it certainly is nice to know that this is an option.