Monday, February 2, 2009

Pondering the Greedy Goblin

Gevlon from the Greedy Goblin blog utterly fascinates me.

I don't think he is greedy, but rather practical and logical. I have found that logical people often appear to be insensitive and selfish at first glance until you grow to understand their motivation a little better.

Gevlon's business updates are jaw-dropping. The last screenshot I saw showed over 140k gold in his possession...on just ONE toon, he has thousands of gold on multiple characters.

One of his postings that I recently stumbled upon explains to people who are struggling to make ends meet in the game that frivolous in-game items, such as secondary fluff mounts, are a part of the problem. My first reaction to this post was to think, what else are you going to do with all that gold? But, if you keep it all in context, he was only talking to people who are struggling financially in the game. Obviously, someone with as much gold as Gevlon, you can purchase anything you want and hardly feel a dent.

Yet, in another post, Gevlon revealed that he only has the necceasary mounts required to get around in the game at a reasonable speed and no fluff mounts at all. Essentially, Gevlon is making all that gold, and not spending it.

For some people, this is just the way it is. Their task is to produce as much financial stability that they possibly can.

I wonder if Gevlon is as successful in his real life as he is in the game. I suspect that the ability to make the numbers and rules in a game work for you is a little easier that making those numbers work for you in real life, no matter how similiar the models may be.

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