Sunday, January 4, 2009

New to PVP

So, my buddies and I have decided to role alts and make a PVP guild. For the most part, most of us are PVE only. I was rather nervous about spending a lot of time on a PVP server, having read the horror stories that can result from those realms. I have no desire to be corpse camped. I also don't care to be humuliated at every turn or have my quest mobs ganked. What happens when we are ready for raiding? On PVE servers you set a time and you go. On a PVP server you set a time and plan for the opposing faction to make your entrance into the instance a chore. I just want to play the game, not compete for every aspect of it.

Still, these are my real life freinds so I roled a PVP toon.

Yesterday my PVP hunter dinged level 28. I've been ganked twice but also returned the favor once and also snatched up the Make Love Not Warcraft achievement when I came across a corpse in the road that had not released.

At level 25 I went head-to-head with a 32 warrior on three seperate occasions. All three times I almost took him down. The first round I made him pop retaliation and it made me giggle because that is my panic button in PVE. Now, I consider myself to be a mediocre player at best, so I have to assume that this level 32 warrior wast just bad. If we had been on an equal footing he would have lost every one of those meetings. I've been skimping on my training to save money for a mount at level 30. I have no traps, no disengage, no wing clip...I am completely gimped. My gear at level 25 was made up of level 8-15 green and white items. I say again, this warrior must have simply been bad. Whenever we encountered each other his health fell to below 1/3 before he could kill me. Obviously, he was able to get to me. What if I had my freezing trap and wing clip?

Anyway, I seem to be enjoying my current PVP experience. I hope to continue doing so.

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