Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A look at WoWJutsu.

In my short career as a raider, my guild cleared Karazhan and downed Gruul and the first three bosses in Zul'aman. We also eventually took down Magtheridon and Void Reaver.

While doing these raids, I was watching WoWJutsu. I saw our guild make our first appearence on the top 50 list and rise up to #34 or so.

Essentially, I considered us a scrub guild, but it was enough to get us in the top 50 on the server. Yet, there are hundreds of "raiding" guilds on each server.

It makes me wonder. If I thought we were bad, just how bad are these other guilds?

My main role was an off-tank. Consider that most guilds have two-four tanks, and my guild made it to #34 or so, then that makes me one of the "better" tanks on our server. Yet I feel as though I'm mediocre at best. Maybe it's just that all the other good tanks are stuck in guilds that are worse than we were. Maybe if I had to go toe-to-toe with most of tanks in those "lower" guilds, I might had my face handed to me. Maybe I was just lucky to be raiding with some nice people willing to put up with me. It's hard to tell. I certainly wasn't much good to them when I started, but did get much better as we pushed.

Just how accurate are the WoWJutsu numbers? Do they really tell the whole story? Maybe it's good enough in spite of some of the missing information.

All I know is that we were placed among the top guilds on our server and we barely progressed past Karazhan. Maybe our server just sucked.

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