Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goals Before the Cataclysm

Nothing special, really. Will continue argent tournament dailies until they sicken me or I get a mount...or something.

There's a few vanilla dungeons I could still do for achievements. I accidentally completed Stratholme last night while I was trying to farm Pristine Black Diamonds. Thought I could get a few sell them to the insane title farmers who still have a chance at the achievement before Blizzard removes it. Didn't get any diamonds, but got the Stratholme achievement. At least that's something.

Gonna try to do all of the Cataclysm pre-event quests. Should be pretty easy, Blizzard wants everyone to have a chance at them.

That's about it, I guess. Might do some more 5-mans, but I'm not trying to complete every instance. Could happen, I suppose but I'll have to work a little harder to get groups for the lesser Wrath 5-mans.

Not sure if I'm going to buy a Cataclysm box on launch day or not. I do know that I want a box though. I can wait a few days if I have to.

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