Monday, December 15, 2008

Rare vanity pets

This is just a general discussion on the pets I have obtained.

Red, blue, green, and nether whelps are on my main.

My main also has a Phoenix and a Gryphon hatchling. Also, a Firefly.

My main has many, many more pets including the Clockwork holiday bot and an alt picked up the Sinister Squashling, but these are the most notable.

After spending months to get the red and green whelps, the blue one dropped for me on day of release after three and a half hours of farming for it. The Outland Firefly dropped after my third farm kill. The Phoenix Hatchling dropped on my second run through the instance. The Gryphon was rather expensive, but seeing the card in my hand was well worth the effort. The Nether Whelp, again, was expensive, but worth it.

I am sad to report that I have not yet obtained a Wrath collector's edition, and now that I am already playing the expansion, I might not bother. Ebay is an expensive desperation and I am not currently feeling desperate. And I'm not certain I even like frost whelp, it is much larger than the traditional whelps. The proto-drake is ugly. I do not have a burning desire to obtain a penguin and the skunk will eventually be mine, but I do not care about a skunk.

Are my pet collecting days behind me?

I'd love to have one of the chinese dragons, but who knows when another oppurtunity will avail itself?

I have the two BC reputation pets on my main. I am not certain I like the idea of pets rewarded through reputation. If you thought farming for a vanilla whelp was a headache, imagine farming reputation that is no longer current. Maybe that is just my experience, but I would much rather head to a zone for as long as I can stomach rather than force myself into an area just to do some old daily quests. At least while farming I know that any kill could result in success, but a reputation grind that is dependant on a daily quest...ugh.

At least I like most of the pets I have, I wish the squashling was on my main, but I guess you can't have everything.

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