Monday, October 24, 2011

The Panda Expansion

I don't care.

Really, I think the concept art looks great. Players have been raiding and PvPing with cats and cows and bears for years, now we have dogs and more bears. It's not really an issue is it? Maybe a lot of the haters are just insecure over their sexual orientation?

I've been happily playing a chick in this game for several years now. In most games, especially fighting games, the first thing I do is play a chick. I'm a happily married man with a wonderful wife...and I like sexy.

In the right gear a feral panda is going to look pretty awesome...if not sexy. I've seen some awesome-looking cows in this game...having a little trouble with the dogs, but I can't be happy with everything can I?

Most of the new features and improvements seem ok to me too. I love the idea of a pet combat system. I hate the fact that my pet collection is so pointless. It was fun getting a few of them but now I'm just collecting so I can have a celestial dragon...thing someday.

Any dungeon system that gets me in without having to be awesome and study tutorials is going to be fun for me also. Scenarios could be really great. I see my kids grouping up in other games and they don't play so well...but no one is kicking them for being awful...I'm a little envious.

I was really hoping World of Warcraft would eventually give us their take on Chinese or Japanese environments and so far I'm not disappointed.

I think I might like leveling up a female monk chick.

One thing I am surprised about is that this expansion is giving us a new class as well as a new race, one that can be played by both factions to boot. Wonder how this concept will play itself out in future content.

So, yeah, in my opinion, so far so good. Looks like they might have me for another couple of years at least...finances willing.

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