Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vanilla Memories

I stumbled across a discussion over at Wowhead about proving you played in Vanilla WoW rather than making up some false facts to pretend that you did. I didn't realize it mattered so much. But the topic is around 4-5 pages so far. I read through the first two and decided to have my own hike down memory lane.

There really isn't much to it though.

Sure, I played in vanilla. I was still leveling when original Naxxramas was released. I was also still leveling when Burning Crusade came out. So while a lot of people might have been grinding away at odds and ends at level sixty, I had an unbroken leveling path to 70. Picked up a Sergent title along the way, but I really didn't earn it. PvP in Southshore was already an old widow's tale when I started playing, so it must not have lasted very long...maybe 6-9 months.

Funny enough, even back then, whenever someone pulled out a hard-to-come-by whelp to show off their dedication and hard work (I spent the best part of twenty levels farming the crimson whelp) someone else would pull out a collector's pet from the core game's collector's edition. I always felt like my whelps were a little less stunning when that happened.

I remember thinking that the paladin quest mount was only second to the warlock summoning mount. Why didn't my warrior get a cool mount like those?

At the risk of making this post a comparison of old vs. new, I think this is as good a place as any to stop. It was a long time ago. I'm not really any better a player now than I was back then. In fact, I think I knew more about dungeons and raids back then (I wasn't a raider) than I do now.

It was just different.

It was a first love. You never forget about your first love, no matter how much better your later loves might be.

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